Put Your Best Face Forward…Literally

Katherine Heigl and Michelle Williams have examples of clean, clear skin…

Every woman has the potential to have beautiful, vibrant skin… and we have a few hints on how you can achieve it (no toothpaste treatments or honey facials needed). Introducing…Your Best Face! This skincare line was created to make highly-concentrated and multi-tasking products, that fight against common skincare nightmares (aging, breakouts and more). And as winter quickly approaches, this line is just the thing to keep your skin glowing throughout the winter blues..

Our Favorite Products:

* Prep: This is sort of like the rock star of the skincare world, because it treats more than one problem, and is jam packed with tons of essential ingredients (antioxidants, vitamins and more). It uses super fine crystals to gently polish the skin (leaving your face smooth and pores clear), but can also double as a mask (perfect for anti-aging treatments or rough, discolored areas).

* Control: The name already says it all, but Control is meant to stop the signs of aging and change your skin for good. It can improve fine lines and wrinkles, diminish puffiness or sun damage, and create smoother skin overall. It uses heavy-duty ingredients to get the job done without irritation, and almost has dermatologist-like effects.

Let’s face facts mommas: these products don’t come cheap and they aren’t supposed to. Due to years of research, results and an intense fan following, each YBF product is meant to get the job done (these are not the P.Diddy’s of skincare…this is Morgan Freeman, folks). YBF takes your skin seriously, and they’re products are meant for women with the same focus.

* Answer This: How much would you ever pay for an award winning product?

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