Put A Glamorous Spin On Natural Makeup: Speedy Momma Beauty Moment

Do you love the look of natural makeup? Do you hate how it often involves twice as much makeup to actually look “natural”? I wanted to see if it’s possible to achieve a natural makeup look that is both simple and glamorous (an apparent oxymoron). Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised that simply by creating fuller, groomed eyebrows and thick, long eyelashes using my favorite Talika Cosmetic products…it was entirely possible! How did we do it? Check it out…

Get The Look:

* Get Full Brows: Enhancing and grooming your eyebrows can go a long way in framing your face and creating “shape” around your eye (which in turn lets you look more put together). I used the Talika Eyebrow Enhancer in this video, which contains a gentle gel and tiny hair follicles to literally “plump” your eyebrows (without making them look out of control).

* Get Long Eyelashes: I’ve often felt that all a woman needs is a good set of eyelashes. It opens up your face and helps you look more awake… but it’s often impossible to do as a busy mom. Instead of layering on a thick, smoky eye or tons of mascara, I simply enhanced my lash length with (my personal favorite product) Talika Eyelash Extender. I got my own product months ago, and it is still is going strong (it seems to last forever!) It contains tiny hairs (like black fuzz) that you apply between coats of your usual mascara: letting you literally create your own eyelash extensions.

It’s a weird concept at first, but 100% worth it (plus, you no longer need to shell out for pricey formulas of mascara, because it works with anything). Of course, make sure you keep a small towel nearby, because you’ll have to quickly wipe an wayward “fuzz” that falls on your cheeks during application…but that’s it! You’re done!

Celebs (like) have the upper-hand with crazy long eyelashes…now you can too!

* Speak Up: Which product do you want to try the most? Do you like this natural look: do you think more makeup is necessary?

Credit: © Celebrity Gossip

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