Put A Dose of Summer In Your Dreary Winter Wardrobe

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Hudson shows glimpses of spring…

* Fashion Breakdown of the Week:

Summer is just around the corner (even if it doesn’t feel like it), so it’s time to do some spring cleaning. And even though it might be freakishly chilly where you live right now, nothing can delay your warm weather style like a disorganized closet. Try taking your unplanned snow day or bout of cold air to freshen up your wardrobe. The key is keeping layering clothes available (like sleek leggings, comfortable sweater wraps and light weight jeans), so you can stop fighting the crazy weather and look fabulous no matter what.

Personally I love scoring JoeBrowns.co.uk for summer inspired looks, because it makes me feel one step away from a cold drink, hot sand and mildly uncomfortable beach chair. Growing up in Florida, I always wanted to be that golden bronzed Pac Sun girl who looks gorgeous exhaling in a bikini and who’s hair never pulls a Weird Al in the humidity… but unfortunately, I’m not. Two kids, a practical fear of melanoma and an apparent immunity to anti-frizz cream later, I’ve realized the only way I can bring a little bit of “beach” to my life is by donning comfortable sun dresses and laid back jean shorts. The fact that this small slice of paradise comes from the typically chilly, Will-and-Kate manic country of England is neither here nor there (they mastered budget-friendly clothing a la Top Shop long before us).

So even though I may never realize my shallow Blue Crush fantasies, at least I won’t break the bank donning these affordable looks….

* Perfect Passion Dress: My post-partum love handles and inability to avoid pantie lines are no match for this comfortable, flattering and grown-up dress.

* Sassy Cami: Feel like you’re not the tank and jeans kind of girl? This cami will bypass your rough spots and create a lean, long line that anyone can pull off…

* Sequined Ripped Jeans: Even though the name of these jeans sounds like a big “no no” for most moms, they’re surprisingly flattering with a simplistic cut and laid back vibe.

* Speak Up: Which of these looks would you like to wear the most?

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