Your Family’s Tan Should Not Be Taken Lightly

Outdoor moms Nicole Kidman and Alessandra Ambrosio take care of their skin…

* Parent Experiment of the Month:

I like to stand on my soap box a lot. I stand on it when my daughter’s rights are threatened as a hard of hearing individual, I stand on it when I disagree with something politically (even if it usually just involves yelling at the TV), and I stand on it when anyone in my family is threatened. But even though I’m completely ok with standing up for what I believe in, sometimes I can’t get the people I love the most to listen. It’s no secret that skin cancer and melanoma runs in my family (I’ve blabbed about it many times before), but my husband, siblings, nieces and nephews continue to take their usage of sunscreen far too lightly for my taste.

To me, it doesn’t take a lot of brain power to figure out this equation: a lifetime of healthy living with pale skin, or a short, painful life with a dark tan…. which one is better? The thing that no one seems to realize is that skin cancer is not pretty: it leaves red, angry scars and holes in the skin, requires gnarly stitches, or can take you away from your family and friends forever. I understand the arguments to a tan (“It makes me look skinnier” or “I just look healthier with color”), but do those really hold up in the face of literal life and death? But even though I preach, prod and praise the benefits of SPF in my day to day life, lately I’ve been terrible about applying no matter what (in rain or shine, sickness or health, inside or out).

I decided to make sure my children and I wear sunscreen every single day for a week, no matter what. Seems easy enough, right? Wrong. I never realized how rarely I apply SPF to my girls’ beautifully fair skin, or how often I neglect my own vulnerable areas when driving in the car (decolletage, legs, hands or feet). The first problem to tackle was which sunscreen to use on this new experiment. I didn’t have to think too hard since recently learning about Avon’s latest brilliant invention: ANEW Solar Advance Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 45. This sunscreen was designed to literally make skin stronger from the inside out, and protect your face from the most dangerous of UVA/UVB rays at the molecular level. Best of all, it’s approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation itself (something we should never ignore when choosing the right SPF).

Believe it or not, we didn’t wear sunscreen on the left…

Since I’m deeply lazy in the realm of beauty (an art I’ve perfected for many years), I decided to simply switch out my standard face moisturizer for ANEW Solar Advance. This way I don’t need to take an extra step, but can still protect myself from a future of age spots and wrinkles. Shockingly, the hardest part was remembering to apply sunscreen to the other areas of exposed skin (including my neck and chest, which if left alone, will resemble a turkey one day). Now of course the girls were not exactly cooperative either when it came to applying sunscreen each morning. I have a hard enough time getting them to brush their teeth or comb their perpetually curly hair, but luckily #mce_temp_url# went a long way in convincing them to slow down.

I quickly found myself shocked and almost saddened at how easily I neglect my children’s skin. Kids are supposed to apply sunscreen every morning, and reapply every two hours (or more so if they’re in the sun or water for long periods of time). How could I be lecturing my own negligent siblings and family members in one breathe, but forgoing protection for my own offspring in the next? It’s true that standing on a soap box now and again is a wonderful way to identify what really matters to you…. but sometimes we need to take a breathe, look in the mirror and realize we are far from perfect (especially me). So the next time I stand up for a cause that I believe in, I’ll make sure that while we’re standing, my family’s skin is protected first.

Create Your Own Experiment: Taking care of your skin does not make you a selfish, frivolous mother… it makes you smart! Try to take preventative measures for your family’s skin this week, and apply sunscreen to the entire brood whenever you get the chance. Although I personally recommend Avon’s ANEW Solar Advance Face and Body Lotions (I wear them every morning and they never become greasy or make me break out), choose anything that works for you and stick to it. Yes, it takes some extra time to get ready each day, but your kids will thank you later after living long, healthy lives… worth the inconvenience, right?

* Be Honest: Can you improve when it comes to protecting your family?

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2 comments on “Your Family’s Tan Should Not Be Taken Lightly
  1. Christine B says:

    I love the new Solar Advance Face and Body Lotions. I am pretty faithful about applying to arms, neck, chest, hands and of course face. I hated smelling sunscreen all day and all of the face ones were greasy. I am in love with this new product. It also has made my skin feel smoother and softer. I burn very easily and am not a person that likes the sun, I wear a hat and sunscreen, now I have one that I love and it is a moisturizer also, I have very dry skin so this is a plus, one less step. Being that I am also an Avon Rep. I tried it the minute I could get it and bought a ton of it so I never run out. My Avon website if interested is Thanks for recommending this Bailey.

  2. Martha says:

    Great, timely reminders with the summer season upon us. The sun’s rays aren’t something to mess around with.

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