Erase Stretch Marks and C-Section Scars Like Amy Adams or Heidi Klum: Real Momma Product Review

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For celebrity moms like Heidi Klum or (expecting mom) Amy Adams, scars and stretch marks are not a welcome surprise…

Motherhood can leave a bevy of beautiful memories behind (stretch marks, stretching and more stretching), but perhaps none more annoying and troublesome than C-section scars. Surgical scars are particularly difficult to reduce, so we had Real Momma Julie test out a new scar treatment cream to see if it helped…

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The Product: Belli Motherhood Surgical Scar Reducer

My Favorite Thing: “It is not absorbed through the skin, and is free of artificial dyes and harmful chemicals!”

What I Thought: “I continue to try to be as ‘natural’ as possible, so I loved the fact that this product is a silicon gel that does not absorb into the skin. It also includes Vitamin E, which we all know is a wonderful skin nutrient. I have used this product for one week and did notice my C-Section scar lighten! I will continue to use it as the directions recommend 4-6 weeks! I am excited to have found a product that can help me (as stated on the box) “reclaim my bikini line”!”

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* How did pregnancy effect your skin (for better or for worse?)

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4 comments on “Erase Stretch Marks and C-Section Scars Like Amy Adams or Heidi Klum: Real Momma Product Review
  1. Ali says:

    I got the lovely topography map on my formerly smooth tummy, as well as multiple c-section scars, one on top of the other on top of the other, on top of the other, on top of the other…lol

  2. Bailey says:

    aw….that stinks! You’d think they would try and go through the same scar- but I guess that’s hard? I hate soft, stretchy skin on the tummy- wish that could be fixed with a cream! ; )

  3. Ali says:

    it is the same location, but the more they cut the same spot, the thicker your scarring, and it tends to spread a little further. 🙁

  4. Lee lee says:

    They cutt my first c-section scare out because it was a little raised. My second scare looks way better then my first.

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