Get Stronger, Longer Hair Without Breakage: Real Momma Insider Tip

Get strong hair (like Angelina Jolie and Tiffani Amber-Theissen) by protecting it from breakage…

Want to protect your hair from daily damage, without giving up your favorite ponytail (or damaging habits?) Corey Holmes gets the dirt on getting stronger, longer hair with the top breakage defense products…

“As a busy woman (dealing with kids all day, running out with wet hair, emergency clean up situations) I have a bevy or elastic bands on my wrist to sweep up my hair into it’s old-faithful: the trusty pony-tail. Unfortunately this standby can take it’s toll, both breakage of hair near the elastic and that persistent, tell-tale crease when the pony tail gets released. There are some new products on the horizon, however, that can both mask and prevent these issues!

First is Pantene’s new line Pro-V Restoratives Breakage Defense, a shampoo and conditioner that both strengthen the healthy hair and repair the damaged hair. These two not only help correct the damage caused by the elements and a continual, slap-dash pony, but in repairing they also calm frizz, helping you to appear the calm, cool, and collected you are in your fantasies!

The second hair-saving action came in the form of me freeing my wrist from my least fashionable accessory; four black elastics. Did I reach for a crab claw or banana clip? (Is it 1995?) Did I reach for a scrunchie? (Do I look like I compete on the balance beam or parallel bars?) A barrette? (Yes! I adore the horizontal impression it leaves on the back of my head!) I keep a Flexi-8 with me-so cute! First of all, they come in 6 sizes; so don’t give me a “my hair is too thick/thin” excuse. Second, they are in many colors and styles, from classic and sophisticated to funky and bohemian. Third-and most importantly, they neither cause breakage nor leave an unsightly crease or line when you remove them. You can do a simple pony, bun, or twist (or a fancy half-up/half down style) and you can do it expediently- because you want to look like you have hours to get ready, when saying that you have minutes might be pushing it!

* How do you protect your hair from breakage?

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One comment on “Get Stronger, Longer Hair Without Breakage: Real Momma Insider Tip
  1. styleezta says:

    I try not to tie my hair up much and I deep condition it once a week:)

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