Adaptable Makeup — Product Investigation

   Recently it seems that the aesthetically based market is overflowing with products that do the brain-work for you, which (as new mothers with decreasing brain power and energy) we can’t help but love. Makeover Mommaâ„¢ couldn’t help but wonder if the plethora of foundations, blushes and bronzers that adapt to your personal skin tone actually work…or if they miss the bar on concealing our problem zones and highlighting our best features.

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This trend can be tricky if choosing an unreliable brand or product, so we recommend scooping up a tinted moisturizer from a classic company for your best bet. These creams go on white but gradually adapt to your personal skin tone (whether light, medium or dark), and they will look lighter and fresher than any thick foundation. We recommend products like Revlon’s Beyond Natural Skin Matching Makeup (shown above), which comes in 5 shades, conforms to your complexion and even has SPF 15. Another notable brand (the front-runner on the adaptable makeup trend) is Almay, whose Smart Shade Makeup comes in a creamy foundation, blush and bronzer to really take the guesswork out of hurried-morning makeup routines. Could we ask for more?

*What Is Your Opinion on the Adaptable Makeup Trend? Let us know if you are liking super smart creams and blushes…

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