Hair Glaze From Home — Product Investigation

    It often seems that celebrity mothers can change their hair color or tweak their shade without blinking an eye… while we mere mortals are left with half hazard kitchen sink dye jobs and barbershop trims. Luckily, we have found hope in a slew of products that let you subtly enhance or alter your shade while you shower.

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        We would totally recommend celebrity stylist Ken Paves new product in our dreams- Healthy Hair Boost Up Color Drops- which work by adding drops of color to your conditioner, that gently shift your color (without being permanent). Then again, at a nearly $40 price tag- most of us mothers are left with the drugstore alternatives that are Makeover Momma‘s specialty. Try choosing John Frieda’s Luminous Color Glaze in a variety of shades, which can be used to boost color and shine in the shower after shampooing (up to three times per week). Clairol’s Nice and Easy Color Boost Glaze Collection should be used on slightly dirty and dampened hair for extra shine and color, and comes with a potent deep conditioner too. Two products in one…sounds good to us!

· What Is Your Opinion on at Home Hair Glazes? Let us know if you like these glossy alternatives…

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26 comments on “Hair Glaze From Home — Product Investigation
  1. Willow says:

    I think they’re awesome! Also, L’Oreal has a product called Color Pulse – it’s a temp. mousse, that works really well/easy.

  2. I cant remember the last time I read a better piece. Thanks for that information. You rock!

  3. Muskelaufbau says:

    And it works realy ?

  4. Minn Kota says:

    I love my Hair and I love this product

  5. Thanks for that information. And it works realy ?

  6. I love this product!

  7. Veyton says:

    thats cool, this product is awesome

  8. protein says:

    Its only for short hair or for long hair too?

  9. bailey says:

    It’s for hair of all lengths… : )

  10. very cool present for the womens

  11. this seems to be a very cool product, I will test it and give you a feedback.

  12. Autolack says:

    I love this product, its realy good.

  13. Hemmel says:

    Wow nice hair.

  14. It’s realy great. Does it work for not colored hair?

  15. bailey says:

    Yes, it does… Actually, people who color their hair can only use glazes 4 to 6 weeks after visiting the salon (or so they say), to avoid fading their dye. Haven’t tested the theory yet though!

  16. I would like to test it.

  17. hmmmm i really want to test this.
    had someone of you any good or bad experience with it?
    i ask because my hair is very “damaged”

  18. i ll try to test it. thx for information

  19. Muskelaufbau says:

    Its only for short hair or for long hair too?

  20. Angelreisen says:

    It sounds good, I will test it.

  21. Ratenkredit says:

    And it works realy ?

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    I cant remember the last time I read a better piece. Thanks for that information. You rock!

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