Pretend You’re Not A Massive Slob When Out With Your Kids


The Look: It’s hard for dance teachers to look like normal people. We are either semi-covered in sparkles at all hours, quazi-inundated with tights and varying layers of lycra, or attempting to comfort our languished feet (recent social shunning of Ugg boots be damned). So how can I mix both practicality of teaching and choreographing for multiple hours, with the need to drop off my children at school without looking like Lady GaGa on her day off? Voila. Fini. Cue the tepid applause.


* Leopard Shoes (Ona Ballet Flat from Target)

* Print tunic (make sure you wear a sports bra, guys)

* Black dancer shorts (kinda of like these)

* Comfy, light sweater (yay for Target sales!)

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Let Me Know: How do you mix comfort, functionality and at least a semblance of style?

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