Prep Your Lips For Winter With Natural Balms: Makeover Madness Sponsor Spotlight

Michelle Williams and Taraji P. Henson have winter-ready lips… how can you take care of yours?

Makeover Momma Sponsor Spotlight: LypSyl Chapstick

Nothing ruins your day more than a pair of unsightly, chapped, red and flaky lips (yuck). Unfortunately, nothing rarely solves them either! Lipstick makes it worse, lip gloss looks chunky, and lip stains just highlight the troubles tenfold. Luckily, Lypsyl is an expert at soothing irritated lips (they’ve been in business since 1905, after all). Their main ingredient which provides the deep penetration to provide the most thorough moisture, is pure Swedish beeswax. Not only do your lips get the moisture they need, but you can rest easy knowing your lips are exposed to all natural ingredients and botanicals (zero weird chemicals or synthetics).

So here’s the breakdown:

* Pure Swedish Beeswax = Deep Penetration

* Coconut Oil = Moisturizer

* Organic Shea Butter = Healing and Protection

* Vitamins A & E = Softening and Healing

* Minty Flavor = Refreshing

Now that you know the “ins” and “outs” of what goes into this fabulous product, it’s time to show some love (they are spoiling you during Makeover Madness, after all)… and get follow friendly!

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What You Can Get At Your Makeover Madness Party: Tracy Mallet Get Your Body Back DVD

Feeling like your adorable children have stolen your body, and you don’t know how to get it back? Those cheeky little body snatchers (otherwise known as offspring) may have a way of stretching, swelling and straining your previous form out of shape…but now you can finally get back in! This DVD has 7 fat-blasting workouts that are short (so you can squeeze them in whenever possible) and help rev your metabolism so you burn calories (even if you can’t do anything else that day).

* Sound Off: As winter approaches and lips start to chap, what is your favorite product to use?

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