Please Ask For My I.D: Revamp Your Routine

Want to “turn back the clock” like the skin of moms Cindy Crawford and step-momma Sandra Bullock? Go for this…

Do you ever wish that someone would “card you”, just so you know your beauty creams are finally working? Corey sounds off on the most effective creams around (and works out some of her inner neurosis along the way)…

“I silently plead every time I place my order at a restaurant or grab a bottle of vino at the grocery store. This mental yelp is supremely ironic because a couple of year ago I was indignant when asked for my I.D. (“Who? Me? Obviously I am a mature adult drinking for all of 5 months… How dare you I.D. me for this strawberry daiquiri with extra whip cream and a chaser of Malibu?”) Whereas before I would skip the articles in the beauty magazines about looking young, now I dog-ear them to find tips to entice my server to ask me to pull out my wallet in exchange for a gin daisy. I have found three products, however (in combination with sunscreen of course) that have allowed me to again skip the “plump your skin and look younger with these products” article:

* SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF: Totally a mouthful to say, but will make your skin full (full and glow-y, like your teenage niece who doesn’t appreciate the moonbeam skin that she has). Just a couple of drops every morning, and week later people are asking me if I had a vacation. What? Yes. The combination of anti-oxidants and topical Vitamin-C fight free-radical build up and provides ultraviolet photoprotection (in mommy terms: it looks like you had 8 hours of sleep!)

* Easeamine Facial/Skin cream: This cream was discovered by the U. Mass. Medical School research scientists, and it gets an A+. Basically it contains adenosine, which stimulates the lowest level of skin. Our skin, however, replenishes from the inside out. So by adding extra adenosine topically, the dermis get super stimulated and increases both collagen and blood flow to the upper layers of skin (In mommy terms: additional nutrients and blood to the skin leads to healthier looking skin and improved color).

*Priori Age defying Body Cream: This cream (pricey, but in a huge bottle!) provides an environment for cells to repair themselves and protects from oxidative stress (which causes damage and pre-mature aging). For me, though, this is all secondary to the added bonus that it firms and tones. (In mommy terms: antioxidant, blah blah blah… but exercise-free toning? That I understand!)

The final thing that makes you look younger is the indigence that I get to have when loudly proclaiming, “I am almost 30- of course you can see my I.D!” (In mommy terms: time for a drink.)

Written by Corey Vincent Holmes: Senior Editor on Makeover Momma; Wasty Cakes blogger.

Credit: © People and Celebrity Gossip

Makeover Mommaâ„¢ occasionally receives cosmetic products for review, with no obligation to positively promote or cover said brand. Receiving products has absolutely no influence over our recommendation of any particular product.

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