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Craving a serene glow and womanly body, like Jennifer Lopez and Elizabeth Hurley? Try this…

Q. “I want to learn how to practice Yoga the right way… not just for weight loss or toning. I know that Yoga is a holistic practice with many health benefits, but I don’t know how to truly reap enjoy it from home?”

A. Good for you! So many people think of Yoga only as sweaty classes with pumping music or a “fast track” to super fit muscles (both of which can be fun of course!) But Yoga is also an ancient practice to help relieve medical problems, reduce stress and make your life a richer, more balanced experience as a whole.

The first step that I would advise is try creating a special space for your Yoga practice. I love lighting a few candles (it somehow sets the mood), a safe distance from my children, and spreading out my favorite Yoga mat. If you have kids at home (like mine), you can explain to them that your Yoga mat is special, and give them their own “special” towel or blanket to use (in the hopes they’ll respect your space).

It’s funny how a regular, healthy Yoga practice can in turn teach your children wonderful things about the world around them. They learn about respect (“Don’t touch mommy’s Yoga mat and she won’t touch your “special” towel”), patience (set the timer for 15 minutes and no one can interrupt until it goes off), and how consistent, calming activity can give us a healthy body and mind.

Try teaching yourself the many poses of Yoga (and the health benefits of each), and creating routines that reflect your needs for that day (start off with these simple poses). Let your practice work with your life, and not around it. Even if you’re not focusing on tight muscles and losing weight, you will still get a strong, healthy body (and mind) from a regular Yoga practice, and many practitioners believe that a proper Yoga routine is all you need in terms of daily exercise.

Of course, since Yoga is about embracing whatever life sends you that day, there is no problem in letting your kids join in. You will get interrupted. The phone will ring. So as long as you expect it and “roll with the punches”, adding Yoga to your life can not only help your health…it can connect you to your family!

Enjoy…and namaste!

My Top Yoga Picks:

* Thymes Offerings Candles: There is nothing better than the perfect candle to set the tone and relax your senses. These smell so beautiful, that my friends and family want to steal them from me! The aromas are so unique (in scents like “Love”, “Thankfulness,” and “Peace”), that they will immediatly set the tone for your day, and refresh your entire house (some are energizing, some relaxing…whatever your need!)

* Aurorae Yoga Mat: These Yoga mats are new to my Makeover Momma shop (for more information on why I started my shop, please read here). They come in vibrant, bold colors which look beautiful in your home (you won’t feel like you’re leaving yucky exercise equipment cluttering up the floor), but they are also extremely long (giving you all the room you need for poses, children and meditation).

Have a question of your own? Just leave it in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to answer!

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