Perfect Your Summer Routine with Makeup From Mary Kay: Speedy Beauty Spotlight

Dream of perfect, signature makeup (like Nicole Richie and Salma Hayek?) Find it here…

It might not be Speedy Wednesdays yet (the time for fast, easy lifestyle tips), but we don’t care…because we just saw the new Mary Kay summer color line up! How can we resist showing you the latest and greatest products? Of course, Mary Kay is a brand that provides for (and gives back to) women of all ages. Whether it is that pink Cadillac engraved in our minds or your mom’s Mary Kay parties growing up, it’s easy to feel like we’ve evolved right along with this timeless company. But Mary Kay isn’t just for your mother’s generation: it produces chic, glamorous products (that happen to be wonderfully affordable). Need proof? All the makeup featured is between ($13-$20)!

Check out the many vibrant options below to learn how you can color your makeup routine for summer…

* This Creme Lipstick ($13) comes in 11 new shades! We all need a signature lip color (whether we realize it or not), so try one of these affordable shades for the perfect summer signature.

* Cheeks are often a neglected part of the face (normally because the older we get, the less we want to draw attention to them). But with this new Mineral Cheek Color ($10) from Mary Kay you will want to remember them (and heck, show them off). This cheek color brightens your face and gives you that rosy glow you want (or a soft, slim bronze), without looking dated!

* Try Mary Kay’s Liquid Lip Color ($13) for those glossy lips we all love! May Kay Liquid Lip Color is something you can layer over your lip color (especially if you want a dramatic, nighttime look), or use on it’s own (ideal for a day at the beach).

* Mary Kay’s Cooling Bronzing Stick ($20) is a Limited Edition product, as well as a busy momma’s summertime dream! Nothing is better than a product that gently cools your skin in the hot summer sun, while giving you the naturally bronzed effect of a beach-ready baby (even if you’re just in the comforts of your own bathroom).

The only draw back is that you can’t find Mary Kay on your local shelves, but you can easily get their goodies by contacting your local Mary Kay representative. Easy and done!

* Speak Up: Have you ever tried Mary Kay? Which product would you want to try the most (above)?

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