Perfect Summer Travel Makeup — Beauty Product Roundup

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Ready to hit the road? Pack minimally (like soon-to-be-momma, Gisele Bundchen)…

   The summer season is often filled with last-minute vacations, quick weekends away or extended visits with family, so many Makeover Momma’s are left wondering what to pack on the fly. Instead of going overboard with products, try packing your purse with three, multitasking masters (and leave the rest behind!)

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    * For Day-To-Night Lip Color: Avon Spectra-Color Lipstick

   We cannot rave enough about this genius product (which we may or may not have been whipping out and showing friends, family and random people at the grocery store at any given chance). This marker-like lip color virtually carries 7 shades of lip color in one product (with the consistency of lip gloss), is under $10, and can range from light, frothy daytime shades to deep, sexy nighttime colors. All you have to do is set the lipstick to your desired shade level (ranging from 1 to 7), pump out some glossy product, and put it on “lock” once you’re done (so no in-your-diaper-bag messes). Did we mentioned we love this thing? For more reviews, check out a fellow mom’s opinion at A Mom In Red High Heels, or click here for Spoiled Pretty’s video review.

    * For Dynamite Eyes: E.L.F. Earth and Water Mascara

   If you don’t know where your vacation or weekend might bring you (whether playing in the pool or hanging at the park), bring a mascara that does work in both dry and wet environments. This easy-to-use (and pack) mascara from E.L.F. contains both waterproof and standard mascara

    * For The Perfect Complexion: Revlon Custom Creations Foundation

   It may seem impossible to pack facial makeup that will match your skin perfectly while you’re away (without taking up tons of room), but bringing a one-color-fits-all foundation is the way to go. Start by applying a thin layer of Revlon’s product to your face in the perfect shade for your skin, and use a small amount of a darker shade for “bronzer” (rub in a soft, circular motion across your temples, cheekbones and nose), or small dots of the lighter color for concealer (on blemishes or under-eye circles). Really, that’s all you need!

* If you could pack only three things for a weekend away, what would you pack?

*All product suggestions at Makeover Momma can be purchased at your local Wal-Mart, Target, drugstore, or online at

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  2. Oh, I love your recommendations! I just discovered ELF make up and am love with it. I had not tried the mascara yet though, so that will be next on my list! Thanks for coming by my blog; Ill be coming back by for all your tips-your site seems great!

  3. asimnicol says:

    Awesome product for summer season beauty products,i have used this products.

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