Pay Homage To Street Art With This Sally Hansen “I Heart Nail Art” Challenge

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The Inspiration: I’m embarrassed by my nails. After a long string of health struggles over the years (which thankfully I’m somewhat on top of nowadays), they have been left as broken and jagged as an Alanis Morissette medicine cabinet. Every time I read the lyrics to Ed Sheeran’s “The A Team”- referencing the lyrical protagonist’s appearance of “slowly sinking, wasting; crumbling like pastries”- I scrunch up my nose thinking about my own croissant-like nail strength, and how I wish they were healthy again. But instead of lamenting my lack of manicure prowess, I decided to embrace my physical quirks and embark on an I Heart Nail Art painting party with my eldest daughter Kinley (compliments of miss Sally Hansen herself). Because the two of us could really use a “pick me up” these days, what could be better than an ethyl-acetate smelling girl fest?

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The Fix: Thanks to a recent Sally Hansen challenge encouraging fans to create “street art” style on their nails, Kinley and I were all about mastering this technique ourselves. And since it’s no secret that I am a giant art nerd (see my previous Pollock inspired nail treatment), I wanted to take this to the next level. Better yet, because we just recently moved to a new place and finally hung assorted art on the walls, I decided to take inspiration from our very own house!

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How? Enter Banksy. He is one of my favorite street artists- masquerading Phantom style as a graffiti toting activist- and I recently hung some of his work in our new place.

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The Products: As you can see from the assorted imagery above, we scooped up our favorite Sally Hansen products at a local Walgreens (using my Balance Rewards card, of course, because I am more frugal than Scrooge). Even though almost all of my polish at home is already from Sally, I still wanted to splurge on our “girl day” and get something new (if by splurge I mean spending under $3 per bottle). In fact, I’m such a frugal-curmudgeon that we almost exclusively bought Sally “Xtreme” polish, because it’s one of the most affordable options, and thusly my fav. Spoiler alert: you can get Xtreme styles- as well as Salon Effects, Diamond and Insta Dri- a dollar cheaper with the Walgreen’s sale until 5/25 (so take advantage!)

Saving money aside, I was personally the most excited for the grey color we chose, because after my Banksy street art has worn off, won’t a full set of grey polish with a matte top coat look really chic for spring?

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My eldest went the opposite of my black, white and red infused concept, and chose bright vibrant colors (as if Minaj herself were doing the graffiti work). After today, I plan on stealing each of these colors separately for my own pedicure. Don’t you thin that bright blue or neon green will do wonders for emphasizing bronzer skin in to summer?

The Process:

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* For My Look: I am at my best when I’m being lazy (I have a knack for it, really), and figured that most busy mommas can’t spend hours on their nails. Hence, this crazy easy look! All you have to do is swipe alternating shades of black, grey and white on your nails to mimic the monochromatic style of high brow, Brit street art. Next, dab a circle of red on a white nail of choice (heck, you can do it on both hands if you have the time), and create a small “string” for the Banksy-esque balloon with black nail polish + tooth pick. It really is that easy. I got tons of compliments on my nails the rest of the day, but it literally took 5 minutes to do. Brilliant, right?

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* For My Daughter’s Look: Since my eldest doesn’t hold still for long, we took inspiration from this Splatter Party style, and did just that (er…. splatter?) I took turns dabbing all three colors along her nails in easy layers until everything was covered. It took literally a minute to do, and was actually easier than attempting to perfectly apply a singular coat in classical fashion (especially because she is a nail biter- a habit we’re trying to break). Let’s hope this helps!


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If you need your own inspiration for a mom-and-daughter nail outing, you can also tweet @SallyHansen or myself for ideas (we always tweet back!)

Want to take the Sally Hansen mom-and-daughter challenge and share your own nail polish pics? What better place than the Visual Vice board on Pinterest. Pin away, friends!

Speak Up: Which of these colors, looks or ideas were your favorite?

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