Pamper Yourself With Spa Treatments Like Amanda Peet and Debra Messing: Spa Beauty

Do you ever wish you could escape for a decadent spa day, to pamper your body and skin? Unfortunately for most mommas, this is a distant dream (since spas are either too expensive or too time consuming)…but you can create your own spa day at home! We asked our Real Momma panel for their favorite spa product suggestions, and they (rather willingly) tested out their own theories…

1. Tara recommends, “The June Jacobs Mandarin Moisture Masque, because it not only left my skin looking and feeling refreshed, but also smelled yummy! I have very sensitive skin and have experienced redness and dryness from masques I’ve used in the past, but the June Jacobs Mandarin Moisture Masque was gentle, even when used for the maximum recommended time of 10 minutes. I also love the fact that it is paraben and preservative free! I’ll definitely be incorporating this masque into my weekly skin care routine!”

2. Corey suggests: “The Elemis Body Sculpting Lipo-refining Serum runs on science. Seriously, it contains Peru Liana, which helps prohibit fat storage. There is much more science to it than that, but what I care about is how when I use it-it looks like I did that extra 4 sets of squats (instead of bargaining with myself that I will do them next week, and then not)…The only bad thing is with this cream (especially when used in conjunction with the Elemis Body Sculpting Self Massage Technique and followed by the Body Sculpting Firming Cream) those squats might never get done!”

3. Corey says, “I love salt, on French fries, edamame, even on Chocolate! So some of the good stuff (from the Dead Sea) on my face? Sure! Ahava’s Smoothing Moisturizer for Normal to Dry Skin looks (and is) super thick and rich. I have to say that I was worried it would be to rich, but wonder of wonders (like many things from that “neck of the world”) it didn’t. It made my skin feel like that of a toddler- plump, natural, and not a blemish in sight! I also love to put this product on my lips while doing the rest of my makeup, by the time you get to apply your lip color, your lips have become the softest, plumpest, canvas for color!”

4. Bailey loves, “The June Jacobs Papaya Purifying Enzyme Mask [yes, these masks made the list twice!] I turn to masks almost exclusively to clean my pores (which helps me avoid breakouts), and hate “wimpy” masks that never do the job. This mask somehow cleansed my skin and unclogged my complexion, without being harsh and over-drying (like so many other masks I choose!) I didn’t even look all red, shiny and plotchy after wards (just fresh and clear). Masks are definitely the best, easiest way to recreate a spa day at home.”

* How do YOU recreate a spa day at home?

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