Pack A Diet Punch By Eating More Produce

Always on the go (like Nicole Richie and Sarah Jessica Parker?) Get your vitamins…

If you haven’t heard about my husband (“The Hubs”) following the Nutrisystem diet, now’s your chance. In an effort to feel more like his old self (more football practices and less ice cream dates with toddlers), he has been eating various small meals per day per Nutrisystem guidelines. What can you learn from his experience so far? Keep reading…

* Month 3, Week 2: “After spending a much needed week of vacation with my family (where most of my meals came spiked with rum and salted rims), I definitely have to get focused on eating healthy again. The most invaluable thing I’ve taken away from Nutrisystem so far, is the focus on eating a piece of fruit or a vegetable with most of my meals. Even though I pretty much like every food I’ve ever encountered (except for liver), it’s still hard to remember to eat enough fruits and vegetables, especially when there is no time to cook. Steaming a bag of vegetables at the beginning of the day and eating as a snack, or packing a ripe pear or apple is surprisingly satisfying. I know it would be even better if I could find a way to get my produce from a local farmer’s market, but I’m taking baby steps first.”

* Help Him Out: How can The Hubs improve his diet? Give him your tips and tricks!

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