Only Cool Babies Have Tiny Tillia (At Least I Think So)

Busy moms Halle Berry and Ellen Pompeo have their hands full…

* BONUS POST Product Review:

It’s my mission in life to have all of my closest friends become pregnant. I am that person who gets more excited than my gal pals when they’re knocked up, or who wants to know every detail about their pregnancy (even when they themselves don’t care). If my sisters and siblings could continue having babies by the year, I’d be pumped (and yes, if you’re one of my close friends who hasn’t had a kid yet, watch out. I’ve got your number). One of the reasons I love expectant friends is the chance to share my favorite kid brands at rapid fire. As quickly as they have a positive result on their pregnancy test, I’m yelling “Skidders and Robeez for shoes, Target clothes and Leap Frog educational toys!” over their voice mail.

Thankfully, I have a new kids brand to share with the world (whether you have a new baby or not). Tiny Tillia is the latest brilliant creation from the folks at Avon, and it’s almost too cute for words. Their unique and delightfully quirky animal characters and products are perfect for any baby shower, kids birthday or celebration. Personally, I love the colors and design  because they’re not just vague, cliche shades of washed out pink and blue. Instead, the characters look like they have funky background stories of their own. (A frog with glasses? He’s got to have a cool history). If you’re looking for a baby shower gift to top them all (or a super cool offering for your hipster baby), I am head over heels for Tiny Tillia. Now I just need a few more pregnant friends…

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3 comments on “Only Cool Babies Have Tiny Tillia (At Least I Think So)
  1. Jamie S. says:

    I got a massage from my husband for my b-day a professional one 🙂

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  3. You can shop for Tiny Tillia here:…D=0&REP_ACCT_NR=11504573&repid=11504573&BRAND_ID=2&FROM_LRA=TRUE&IS_CUST=1&COOKIE_REP=1

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