Healthy Fast Food Sandwiches — On-the-Go Momma Tips

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  There is  no such thing as the perfect fast-food sandwich, but trying to choose the best option whenever possible is a simple way to lose weight after baby and stay healthy.Remember these tips on your next drive-thru visit:

* Bypass The Bun: Take baby steps and order your next drive-thru sandwich open face or wrapped in lettuce (and you’ll cut tons of calories!)

* Skip That Sauce: Order your sandwich without creamy sauces or fatty dressings (no mayo!), and add extra ketchup, mustard, lettuce, or tomato instead.

* Lean and Green: Try to choose lean, “white” meat over dark whenever possible.Go for grilled or baked chicken and fish, and add another serving of vegetables for extra fiber and crunch.

* Fried… Fat?: Memorize the words “grilled, baked, or broiled” and make them your ordering motto. Skip the fried, battered and breaded menu option, because they are full of calories and oil.

* Come On, Get Happy: If you simply cannot resist the lure of a fast-food burger, try joining your little one and downsizing to child’s size. Simply picking the smallest size available (like a Happy Meal, for example) will cut calories and portions, without skipping taste.

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