Healthy Mexican Food — On-the-Go Momma Tips

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  • Go Al Fresco: “Fresco Menus” are awesome for easy, healthy ordering. If you research the Al-Fresco Menu at Taco Bell or other mexican resaturants, you can even learn how many calories are in your menu items beforehand (try the Fresco Zesty Chicken Border Bowl for 350 calories!)
  • Get Those Beans: Try skipping meat whenever possible to save calories and fat in Mexican dishes, and choose simple bean burritos or tacos instead. Add salsa, low-calorie hot sauce, and tons of lettuce and tomato for taste.
  • Lean For Lunch: Try choosing lean meat (like chicken or turkey) instead of beef and pork in Mexican dishes, and watch what goes into your orders, as well. Save calories by skipping the cheese, creamy sauces and sour cream (or simply use less).
  • Go For Corn: Ask for a corn tortilla instead of flour (helpful for those eating gluten-free) for added nutrients.
  • Keep It Small: We at Makeover Momma have a simple rule for on-the-go eaters… “if you order small, you’ll be small.” When in doubt, choose what you really want but keep it small (sticking to one portion).
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