Angelina Jolie Long Dress — No Brainer Momma Outfit

            Every mother needs an arsenal of “no brainer outfits” in her closet, which she can turn to during harried mornings (practically every morning.) This month’s example of the No Brainer comes via super-busy-mom Angelina Jolie, who as a mother of four (soon-to-be five) exemplifies simple chic.


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 NO BRAINER OUTFIT: long flattering dress + comfortable chic sweater wrap + basic ballet flats + big sunglasses

WHY THIS WORKS: A long, empire-waist dress can conceal all sorts of newfound curves after having a baby, while flattering your most womanly assets (the décolletage.) It is elongating and comfortable, and made even more chic with a lengthy sweater or wrap. Ballet flats can take any outfit from cute to chic, and are a far better alternative to clogs or world-weary sandals. The entire look is pulled together with oversize sunglasses that expertly conceal the significant lack of concealer (or anything else you may need to hide.) LESSON LEARNED: Add this to your closet of No Brainers, and be ready to throw it on at a seconds notice. You will be prepared and pretty!

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