Jeans and T-shirt — No Brainer Momma Outfit

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NO BRAINER OUTFIT: Classic white T-shirt + perfectly fitting jeans + flattering heelsWHY THIS WORKS: It has been a well toted fact that men claim to love women in “a T and jeans” (and we do too, if it’s done right). Although often bold in their fashion choices, (occasionally tacky) Britney Spears and Victoria Beckman respectively can rock this classic outfit with ease. Jeans that fit your body flawlessly (hitting mid-stomach, not too snug over hips and thighs, and slight amount of stretch and flare) can do no wrong for the female form. No matter what size you are, a crisp, higher-end T that hits at the hip (i.e. not skin tight, not too short and NO logos or “statement” phrases allowed) has a clean, no frills appeal. Take this look from too casual and boring to classic by pairing with feminine, casual heels (a wedge or pump, not stilettos) and beautiful accessories (like colorful earrings and a clutch). LESSON LEARNED: Regardless of your body shape, jeans and T’s that fit your body snuggly (not tightly) can flatter anyone. The delicate accessories keep this look feminine and put together (but make sure your jeans and shirt are in perfect condition, so as to avoid looking ratty or sloppy).

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