New Years Fitness Resolutions — Revamp Your Routine

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Want to be strong and fit like mother Gwen Stefani this year? Keep reading…

   Although we at Makeover Momma are taking  time off to enjoy the holiday season, we can’t wait to enter 2009 and be inspired by the New Year. So many mommas vow to change their lives drastically each year (how many times have we said we’ll “lose weight” or “grow out our hair”?), but rarely have the time or energy to actually follow through.

Try reading these simple tips  for help becoming a Fitter You This Year:

Get Fashionable: Nothing seems to motivate us more than stylish, cute workout gear, when we’re trying to start a new exercise regimen. Entice yourself to hit the pavement or get moving, by signing up for Shop It To Me Running (an exercising version of the Shop It To Me company) and save tons of money. After entering in personal information (the frequency of notifications you prefer, or your favorite kinds of brands and stores), they will send personalized emails whenever workout clothing in your size is on sale (including maternity). Hello motivation!     

Set Small Goals: Try setting small goals for New Years resolutions, instead of large ones. For example, if you want to “lose 5 pounds”, try setting smaller goals like “stop drinking soda” or “eat smaller portions on the weekends.” This will make your goal easier to grasp and attain, without feeling deprived or overwhelmed along the way.

Every Bit Counts: If training for a triathlon (like new momma Jennifer Lopez) simply isn’t in the cards for you this year, remember that every little bit of fitness adds up over time. Try to start the year with small goals- doing 20 push-ups in the morning, 20 crunches during naps, and 20 squats before bed- without feeling discouraged that you’re not “perfect.” If you create a lifestyle of small, fitness habits, you will be able to maintain healthy living forever (without giving up on your goals along the way).

* Stay tuned next week for more tips on stay fit in 2009….

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