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 New mom Michelle Williams looks squeaky clean (and follows a clean diet too).

   Babies, toddlers and kids love to “wear” their food (even if we mothers aren’t so pleased).Yet, when it comes to eating healthfully, we can learn a lot from our children’s tendency to “wear” what they eat. Think about it… as teenagers we loved to make homemade face masks and beauty products from organic ingredients like honey, avocado, oatmeal or strawberries… but would we really slather greasy bacon, crumbled Butterfingers, or potato chip grease on our skin? Would you ever want to wear a mask out of some of the unhealthy foods we eat (General Zhao’s chicken or glazed doughnuts, anyone?)

   If we don’t want to put it on our face… then maybe we shouldn’t be eating it! The food we eat is all going to the same place: what might help our face on the outside, will certainly help our body, organs, health, and skin from the inside. So try and stay positive the next time you see your toddler smearing their green beans or sweet potato in their hair… at least it’s not pizza!

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