More Healthy Summer Eating — New Momma No-Brainer

    Part 2 of Healthy Summer Eating Tips for Moms gives you a “no brainer” idea for eating healthfully during the hottest months of the year. Don’t let warm weather, creamy desserts and a surplus of BBQ’s get the best of your healthy waist line…battle back with these simple tricks.

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  • Resist and Reward:

Everyone has different levels of self-control and will power, so it’s important to know your own. If trying a healthier option (as mentioned in the previous post Part 1 of Summer Eating) than why not try the “Resist and Reward” method.

If you’re attending many events during the week that revolve around food, try to make all of your choices healthy, but keeping in mind that you will allow yourself one nice “worthwhile treat” in a controlled and mindful setting.

Whether your favorite bowl of ice cream, a small slice of home-made pie, or one side of macaroni and cheese, make sure that you don’t waste precious calories on items you “sort of like”…and save your once-a-week indulgence on a small portion of your absolute favorite summer food.

Worthwhile, wonderful, and absolutely guilt free!

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