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   It seems that the more temperatures rise in the summer, the more events will revolve around food.Whether barbecues, cookouts, or beach side bonanzas, fatty foods and tempting sweets are everywhere! Unfortunately, these fun events can have a negative on our waistlines… and on our family’s health.

   Here are some simple tips for making better choices (and finding healthy alternatives) to the usual fatty fare….

  • Popsicles and Ice Cream: Grab a box of 100% fruit Popsicles, Weight Watchers cream-sickles, or Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches instead of your usual, full-fat treats.
  • Hot Dogs and Burgers: Skip the fattening condiments in favor of ketchup or mustard, layer on the healthy veggies, and leave your burger open faced to save tons of calories.
  • Buffet Style BBQ: Fill most of your plate with healthy items right away: vegetables and fruit, a small bit of lean white meat, or a plain baked potato.

   Although it’s important to make healthy choices, try leaving a tiny percent of your plate for a favorite treat to avoid feeling deprived.

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