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It’s not uncommon for growing toddlers and kids to become obsessed with certain colors of foods (refusing anything green and eating only red, for example). Bizarre as their eating preferences may seem, it goes without saying that we can stand to learn a lot from the colorful eating habits of our children.

Remember the days when eating was about taste and color, and instead of fast, faster, and more fattening? It’s easy to revamp our diets into something nutritious and delightful, purely by using the colors that nature provides. Try skipping the bland and processed foods (like  white flour, sugar, and processed carbohydrates), and forgo products that come with dyes and synthetics (i.e. Fruity Pebbles do not count as healthy colors!)

Fill your plate with colors that are both discernible and worthy of your toddler’s appreciation: rich produce, deep vegetables, and natural whole grains. These will not only make your plate beautiful…but they’ll make you feel beautiful too!

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