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Eating out can seem like a scary feat when trying to dine nutritiously, but choosing menu options can be as simple as “consistency”. Try to remember these simple tips for cutting calories when topping your salads, sandwiches or simply ordering out…

· Say YES If It’s Clear: Always choose broths (soups), dressings and sauces that you could read through…instead of thick, creamy or white varieties. Try picking vegetable soups, Italian or vinaigrette dressings and light sauces.

· Say YES If It Looks Like The Vegetable It Came From: If your sandwich condiment looks like the pureed version of its former self (think ketchup or mustard), it’s always better than weird, white toppings (tarter sauces or mayonnaise). The same goes for sauces on pasta or pizza (tomato and marinara are always better than Alfredo, cheese or gravy).

· Say NO to Senseless Toppings: Always choose toppings that are clearly a form of plant or seed (sliced tomatoes, extra lettuce, spinach, olives, crumbled egg, chickpeas or sesame seeds) instead of unrecognizable products (like bacon bits or croutons).

Try to quit worrying about the calories or fat content of appetizers, and instead pick clear over creamy and vegetable over vacant…and you will have a wonderful, light meal!

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