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Many new mothers claim they stay slim simply by “eating in moderation”, instead of turning to complicated diet regimes or combinations of food. If moderation has alluded you in the past, try using portion control when eating your favorite foods, because a healthy lifestyle is often defined by never going to extremes (either too much or too little). We know that new mothers don’t have time to measure, weigh or categorize the foods they eat, so start using your hands when it comes to chowing down.

  • Your Fist= Protein. Try a small serving of lean chicken or fish, an egg white omelet or a serving of quinoa.
  • Both Thumbs= 2 Tablespoons. For example, the peanut butter you spread on a whole-wheat bagel,  fresh tomato sauce on noodles or vinaigrette dressing atop your salad.
  • One Palm (cupped)= Grains or Carbohydrates. They should fit comfortably in your palm, like a slice of bread, a cup of brown rice or the a fore mentioned whole-grain bagel.

So stop fretting about what or when to eat, and remember that everything you need to know about portion control is in your hands.

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