Never Have Visible Panty Lines Again: Fast Fashion Fix

Moms like Elin Nordegrin and Naomi Watts make sure their light tops are not overpowered by dark bras.

Although many of us fail to realize this fact, VPL (visible panty lines) are some of mom’s worst offenses to fashion. Not only can they ruin the lines of your outfit (and be distracting), but they also can make your figure look worse (by accentuating your lumps and bumps).

So, what’s the fix? We love the idea behind My Skins (a lingerie company that creates bras and panties specifically matched to a woman’s skin).
This means that (no matter what you’re wearing), VPL’s will never get in the way (and mis-matched bra straps will never slip into the equation!) Just choose your undergarments from a detailed skin color chart, and no one will ever notice your too-dark-bra underneath that super-light-shirt again!

Want to find other ways to fix your frumpy, dumpy undergarment problem? (Hey, don’t be ashamed…sometimes maternity underwear and a huge T-shirt are the best things in the world!) Try making over your “around-the-house wear” with these Open Sky mom expert picks…

* Plum Pretty Sugar Kimono Style Robes (from Happy Hour Mom):
These are a huge hit for new moms, veteran moms (and woman in general), because they let you lounge around the house (or nurse your baby, or have a lazy day), without resorting to unflattering sweats.

* Handful Inc Sports Bra (from Fit Mom’s Blog):
This bra is toted as the “best sports bra” ever found, because it comes with pads (for flat-chested mommas needing a lift) or can be worn the classic way (without creating unflattering “uni-boob” on big-chested moms).

* What is your favorite undergarment trick for flattering your figure?

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    What a great idea!

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