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The Workout: Weight Loss Pilates

What It Is: Weight Loss Pilates with Kristin McGee contains 2, twenty-minute workouts, which blend traditional Pilate’s strengthening exercises with “cardio blasts” for extra calorie burning. Celebrity mothers like Naomi Watts (shown above) are huge fans of using Pilates-based intervals to get (and stay) in shape.

What You Do: We love the idea of creating intervals using a calming, toning form of movement like Pilate’s, but weren’t sure if this would truly give us a complete workout. Luckily, we were pleasantly surprised! This workout was fun and motivating because it continually shifted between different exercises (fighting boredom), but still made us feel like we would get the long, lean muscles so often envied on Pilates-loving enthusiasts.

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How It Feels: If you are new to Pilate’s exercises (or simply haven’t had time to work out since becoming a mother), than this DVD will be challenging..without making you miserable. The best part is the sore feeling you will have in your abs the next day, and the peace of mind knowing you have truly worked your entire core. We also love the 20 minute time frame for busy mornings (and can’t help but feel good if we fit even 10 minutes into the day!)

Make It Harder: If you are an experienced exerciser, than you may want to challenge yourself additionally at each cardio segment. Try doing cardio movements faster, harder or simply adding an additional 10 minutes of intense cardio to the end of your workout (run up and down your stairs at home, use a small mini stepper, or take a brisk walk with your little one. If you really want to ramp things up (and know how to listen to your body, while preventing injury), try adding small ankle and wrist weights (no more than 2 pounds a piece) for extra resistance on the Pilate’s toning moves.

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