How You Can Take Nail Art A Bit Too Literally


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* Pollock Nails: Art nerds unite! Color your nails a dark shade (think chocolate, black or burgundy) and let it dry. Place nails over a paper plate, napkin or towel, and artfully “splash” droplets of a lighter color on your toes. Let it dry before removing messy splatters [obviously].

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* Van Gogh Nails: Paint your toes any shade of blue you prefer (this was unfortunately all I had). After it dries, dip a tooth pick in to yellow, golden or light shades (my selection was clearly lacking) and draw “swirls” to mimic Starry Night stars.

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* Sharpie-Crazy Nails: Did you know that a light colored Sharpie can go on your nails and comes off crazy easy? I used a golden Sharpie to trace this reverse French mani, but could have drawn any number of other designs. Make sure to apply a clear top coat after (don’t worry… it all comes off easily!)

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* Glitter-Shadow Nails: Bored with polish you have at home and no money for anything new? Paint your nails whatever base color you want. Wait until it’s dry or almost dry, and apply your ideal eye shadow (glittery is always my preference). Add a top coat to seal it in, and wipe off excess with a baby wipe or damp towel after nail is completely dry. Voila! Can you imagine the possibilities here?

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* Loubitin Ombre Hipster Nail: Applying red polish to the underside of nails is surprisingly easy as long as you have a Q-tip with remover nearby and/or a steady hand. I held a napkin on my skin and applied with very little mess. Next, I added a dark shade to the correct side of my nail, and topped it off with a “reverse ombre” of sparkle (translation, a little bit of a conflicting shade that seems to fade off). If you’re using glitter, it’s easy to apply a little bit and have it taper seamlessly… so easy!

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