My Wavy Hair Can Be A Jerk… But These Products Help


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The Product: NuNAAT Brazilian Keratin Collection

The Need: I have not always been kind to my hair. Even though it was born a Floridian sandy-blonde, it quickly became dark at a young age, and has always been surprisingly deep brunette at my somewhat Greek root. Unfortunately, I bleached, dyed and hacked it to submission for the better part of a decade, and have been paying for these sins ever since. Even though it’s finally dark again and healthier than ever… my texture is reminiscent of a Jon Krakauer novel (hint: in to the wild). We are talking full Solange/Tina T 80% of the time, and I take to flat irons about as often as right-wing debates or dusting the floor boards (um, that would be never?>)

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The Breakdown: I’ve had my rebel moments. I’ve dyed my ponytail blue, wore a pocket chain with Goodwill plaid pants (before people were popping tags), and named my hamster Heroin Bob akin to SLC Punks (what, that’s not everyone’s experience too?) Being stubborn is a huge part of my nature, even when I’ve completely un-damned the man with my borderline boring lazy/wavy aesthetic to date. Still, training these locks to behave seems about as likely as my near-4-year-old not throwing a fit before her nap (again, the answer being never). So what did the trick? This entire line of keratin-laced products from NuNAAT. I agreed to try it exclusively for 2 weeks before gaging my reaction [somewhat impossible when you have beauty ADD], and my discoveries were thus…

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The Results: Ready to indulge your inner pulchritude physicist? The ingredients in this Brazilian line work a lot like your diet should- using natural amino acids and healthy additives, instead of sodium chloride or other harsh chemicals. My favorite product was the Liquid Keratin Leave-In Reconstructor. Even when I tried it without using the shampoo and conditioner, it (obviously not to the same smoothing extent) made an amazing protectant prior to my flat iron. Along with the Serum Ultra Shine, it even made for oddly silky, lose waves on an extra languorous day [which typically is everyday when it comes to beauty] after wrapping my strands in a high bun and taking it down later.

Overall, these two products- especially in congruence with the shampoo, conditioner and hair mask- made my locks noticeably smoother and straighter when I flat ironed it after air drying. And when I say noticeably, I mean everything from the time it took me to straighten (faster) and it’s “pay it forward” effect (helping hair stay silky after future washings). If your mane tends to run on the oily side- mine is much like my combination skin, and has bipolar needs from root to tip requiring a weird balance of products- then use only a tiny dose of the hair mask every-other wash, instead of slathering it on with wild abandon.

Do It Yourself: Want to try this system but can’t afford the entire thing? If you had to choose just one product, I’d recommend the Liquid Keratin Leave-In Reconstructor for usage before any heating tool, or just to give strands some additional silkiness. See how often I’ve used the word silky? Clearly this is the optimal adjective to describe this line.

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Speak Up: How do you keep your hair soft, protected or straight?

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