My Kids (And Their Sensitive Skin) Dig This Soap

Ellen Pompeo and Christina Milian take care of their baby’s skin…

* BONUS POST Product Review:

My kids are weird about baths. It seems like at almost any given day of the week, they are alternating between being bathing obsessed or completely tub resistant. My eldest was so completely consumed with bath tub fun last year, that she ended up developing an internal infection because of sensitivity to harsh bath soaps and body washes. And even though now my youngest thinks the bathtub is her own private Disney World, my 5 year’s old negative experience is making her resemble Pigpen (without a good fight from momma that is).

In order to avoid chemical laden soaps or gluten-filled additives (both of which irritate my children’s skin), I decided to check out Soaps By Nature recently. It’s a website featuring tons of artisan and natural soaps, including vegan, goats milk and shea butter options. Instead of having to worry about which products you’re buying, you can get tons of choices in one place… saving you time, stress and kid’s covered in rashes. I really want to try the Organic Baby Skincare Balm for my sensitive toddler, and think that my punk-rock older sister would dig the Organic Aftercare for Tattoos (just don’t tell my Mom if she gets another one). They even have shampoos and natural soaps for dogs (if you consider them one of your furry children). So the next time you need washes that are kid safe, toxin free or perfect for you and Rover, head on over and check them out. Personally, I prefer anything that skips the funky, unpronounceable ingredients in favor of natural, nourishing benefits…. You?

* Speak Up: What do you look for in soaps and washes for your family?

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