Hello, My Name Is Momma, And I’m Addicted To Purses

Natural moms Halle Berry and Heidi Klum looks gorgeous on the go…

* Fashion Review Fest of the Week:

I love Shop Suey Boutique and I’m not ashamed to say it. Although I used to think that purses were all about labels (actually daring to carry a Fouis-Vuitton in my Jessica Simpson phase as a teenager), I grew to avoid hand bags all together as a new mom. Purses became a reminder of what I could never have: they would never be luxe, they would never be pricey, and they would never go without spilled formula and fruit snacks inside. Even though I love my children beyond words, reason or sanity, I have deeply neglected my fashion sense and attention detail since becoming a mom. That is, until I became hooked on Shop Suey this year.

If I could be addicted to anyone one website at the moment, it would definitely be this one. I could stare at the purses all day long (check out and tell me you don’t want it), especially because they’re always in my price range. No matter what I’m wearing or what I need to carry, I’ve never met a Shop Suey purse that doesn’t look super fancy, crazy stylish and get the job done. Check out the latest…

* If You Don’t Want A Diaper Bag: Janey Tote in Beige

Let’s talk in fashion language for a second: quilted detail, abundant size, expansive pockets, leather feel. Need I say more? The Janey reads like the Porsche of purses without the ridiculous price tag. It has a plethora of pockets for all your motherhood needs (lately I find myself carrying Neosporin and stickers like they’re going out of style), but has the look of an over-paid celebrity on vacation. In fact, yesterday I fit my laptop, my daughter’s giant hearing aid case and 2 toy ponies inside without even thinking twice. It comes in a beautiful shade of green too, which makes me wish I had both. And if that doesn’t do it for you, check out some of the other bags I have my eye on… (You can also feel free to use this Vera Bradley promotional code to check out some other purses!)

* Alma Tote: Restrained, refined and unique. This bag looks perfect for a day running errands or a fancy night out (plus, it comes in blue…how cool is that?)

* Gerri Crossbody Bag: Feel like channeling Kate Hudson circa Almost Famous, and go all haphazard bohemian? Look no further.

* Bailey Satchel: Call me nepotistic, but the fact there is a bag that shares my name is too cool for words (unless that word is Bailey). I totally want to carry this gorgeous red beauty, just so I can tell her she rocks.

* Sound Off: Which bag do you want the most?

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