My Long Term Love Affair With The Best Eyelash Lengthening Product I’ve Ever Tried


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The Products: Talika Cosmetics

The Need: I am a long time fan of Talika. I’ve written about them on Makeover Momma many times throughout the years, perhaps ad nauseum. Maybe it is because I’m a beauty blogger (aesthetic journalist, if you will) that I was able to try their products long ago, but now I can safely say I’d spend my precious, non-existent Mommy money on them in a heartbeat. In fact, even though my wedding is still a few months away [December, to be specific], I already know I am 100% using these products for the big day. Here’s why…

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See the dang difference?

My Favorite Product Ever: My favorite Talika product is easy to identify with zero hesitation: Eyelash Extender. I am about as loyal to it, as to the dude with which I’m getting hitched. After proclaiming it’s many benefits over the years, I fell off the wagon (out of laziness), and hadn’t used it in about a year. You know when you haven’t seen an old friend in a long time, and then you run in to each other, and it’s as if things never changed? That’s literally how I felt when I tried it again after time off. Lots of “Why did I ever stop using this?” proclamations from my bathroom and such. So why is it so amazing?

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Firstly, I like weird things. I like weird movies, and music, and people. I dig the few who let their freak flag fly… and thus, this eyelash lengthening miracle is as quirky as it comes. It looks like a thick, hairy tarantula leg or black cotton candy. There is nothing cute about it, but results? Oh yes. My eyelashes literally double in length. If I want bridal style, false-looking lash length, I apply a mascara primer (the white, generic kind), my favorite mascara (right now, Love Lash from Mary Kay), a quick swipe of the Extender before the coat of mascara has dried, wait about 10 seconds, and another few coats of mascara on top.

However, like any true art form, getting the best benefits from this product takes finesse and care. For example, I go wild with my coat of mascara (swiping it upwards at the root, and even downwards to coat the top), but go very gently with the Extender and the ensuing coat. It sounds like a ton of steps, but it’s no different then putting on some eyeliner, eyeshadow and a few strokes of mascara at the mirror- except this frames your eyes so well you can skip all of the former and just do the latter. Not everyone likes this product (they’re crazy), and it leaves little dustings of fuzz on your face (small price to pay), so I apply eye makeup first so I can wipe it away easily.

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Some Other Winners:

* Skin Retouch Face: If Instagram gave us anything, it gave us the ability to retouch our photos. Don’t you love those addictive “tints” and “washes” that make you look 5 years younger and add 5 extra hours of sleep? Essentially, that
is what this product does too in real time (so perfect for brides and moms alike). Just “paint it on” your problem areas gently- fine lines, wrinkles, rough spots, redness- and watch everything become silky smooth. It is a lot more noticeable after applying your foundation or facial makeup, of course, so be patient. But I will definitely be using this as a makeup primer for special days or whenever I need a little extra boost.

* Heated Eyelash Curler: Personally, I’m terrified of eyelash curlers (let alone heated ones). Even after watching tutorials, videos and considering trying one a hundred times, I could never work up the nerve [this coming from a glitter-coated ballerina, is somewhat inconceivable]. Never-the-less, I decided the Heated Eyelash Curler was my moment to be brave, and… wait for it, wait for it… it worked. To be honest, my eyelashes are never that spectacular to begin with – without makeup- so the difference was marginally noticeable sans mascara, but super noticeable avec any and all forms of shiny lacquer, and thus considered a success. Wedding day worthy? Totally. Lazy “mom morning” worthy? I’ll probably save it for special occasions.

* Cream Booster: This is nothing short of a super cool wonder gadget (the Inspector would be proud). I use it to massage my forehead and laugh lines once a day after applying moisturizer. It turns on automatically – literally the second it touches your skin- and uses a combination of pulsing and lights to make creams and products more potent after application. There is tons of fancy-pants research behind it, but all I know is it seems to smooth out my forehead a little bit more than it would be otherwise… win, right?

* Eye Therapy Patch: This bad boy will surely be needed come wedding day. The patches are placed over your eye area to decrease puffiness, lines and dark areas, but (this is the best part) can be re-used a few more times before they are thrown away. Somewhat eco-friendly, but definitely productive!

The Results: Keep an eye on the Makeover Momma Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages as the wedding day approaches… I’ll be sure to showcase a lot more pics of these products in use (or even test them on my unsuspecting bridesmaids).

Do It Yourself: If you’re an impatient person (me) or a budgeted momma (also me), Talika Eyelash Extender and Skin Retouch Face give the most immediate results.

Want more beauty inspiration? Check out products in action with the Visual Vice board on Pinterest. Nerd out on product chemistry free from shame!

Speak Up: Which product are you itching to try the most?

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