My Crazy New Project (365 Days of Fashion, No Excuses)


Week 1: Recently, I gaged public opinion on if I should take daily photos of myself (come hell or high water, which would hopefully give me an excuse to wear my brimstone repelling rain boots) and post weekly for an entire year. Yup, 365 days of fashion accountability, with 1 requisite “lazy day” permitted (although honestly, I find a way to celebrate laziness everyday).

Of course, when I say “public opinion” I really just mean my sisters and ballet students, but the majority seemed to think it was a worthy- if not borderline insane- plan. I’m sure I’ll have a week or two in which I double up, yes, but the overall goal was to stop myself from getting in to the same repetitive, Monk-style, OCD rut of wearing sweats and shorts everyday without fail. Now I am held accountable… and feeling a bit curmudgeon about it, I must say. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

 photo 1-15_zps06d93c40.jpg

 photo 2-5_zps8a3a8cec.jpg

 photo 3_zps9d18325c.jpg

 photo 4_zps449fed35.jpg

 photo 5_zpse47741e6.jpg

 photo 6_zps5cb5e10c.jpg

 photo 7_zpsf26890a8.jpg

The Take Away Tips:

* Use Belts For Other Reasons: Most of the belts shown above came attached to other cheap dresses from Charlotte Russe or Target. I cut them off and re-use however I please!

* Mesh Tomboy With Girly: I obviously like a comfortable dress in the spring (it’s as close to a nightgown as I’m going to get in the daytime), but prefer pairing them with low booties or blocky sweaters to keep the look from being too HoneyBooBoo.

* Double Up On Bling: Wearing something basic (like my Day 3 dress?) Try layering on accessories like bangles on each wrist or sparkly shoes. You don’t need tons of clothing layers to still enjoy layering.

Brand You Don’t Want To Miss: Not satiated with my smorgasbord of ancient clothing (almost all obtained from Target, Ross, TJ Maxx, Charlotte Russe, etc for about $10?) Have a completely different body type? My plus size mommas are going to love this website. (Castaluna sells plus size dresses that range from sizes 14 to 36, and come straight from Britain with pretty decent price points. Lately my older sister has been big in to English based shopping (her newest recommendation is, which she calls the “UK’s cheaper American apparel”), but Castaluna is fantastic for ladies with curves. Like?

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Let Me Know: Which day do you like the most?

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