My Constant Cough Is Sexier Than Your Fancy Disease (And Other Shameless Thoughts)


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Low O2? Now you can WIN some oxygen… kind of (see below)

Medical bills are totally killing me… ironic, right? There is perhaps nothing worse than dealing with a small pharmacy of drugs (or a routine that lasts hours per day, or hospital visits where the sweet lab lady says “I missed you!” when she hasn’t had to go all Twilight on your veins lately) than the astronomical medical bills that ensue. And since there is no end in sight (certainly to the fiscal floundering), I have come up with a new idea for paying them down. And since I’m never going to be comfortable going full pity party on the subject, no amount of social sharing is going to impede my need to work for any hypothetical resulting generosities. [Plus, my lung/heart issues are constant and unattractive. If I were smart, I would have found a way to get West Nile Virus or something far more glamorous…right?]

So how am I working towards a future dream, a life long passion, and sharing some of my health related woes? The only way I know how… through writing. Instead of reiterating everything here, check out my new Support Author, Fight Sickness page and share the love (translation: re-post, re-tweet, email… every little bit counts!) This book is about way more than my own need for therapy- it started as anything but, and surely will surmount to much more. Still, Freud is probably happy I’m writing this particular novel (less need for couch time).

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Of course, I’m not self-absorbed enough to think you should only support me (I had to look long and hard at myself to decide this about myself)… you can help others too. How, you might ask? For starters, try downloading Foreverland this weekend (finally available in the US!) It’s the passion project of a Canadian, bearded, sarcastic director (because a Canook with a beard is not at all cliche), who was inspired to write the script from his own experience with illness. Better yet, click this button and you can donate directly to his charity of choice.

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The Giveaway: Ok, so you’ve heard enough about giving, right? What about getting something in return? PUR Attitude is launching it’s new Energizing Oxygen Serum ($75) and wants one of YOU to be the first to try it! Not only is the name fabulously apropos for this oxygen deprived post, but it speaks to how important “air” is not only to our body… but to our skin. Yep, I’m going vapid on this one… but isn’t this concept super cool in of itself? The serum increases cellular metabolism by as much as 754% (math has never been my thing, but that sounds like a lot)- resulting in nourished, renewed skin that maintains hydration and balance all day. This means you won’t get oily and slimy, because the Hyaluronix technology delivers up to one thousand times it’s weight in water (there we go with math again) to help skin hold on to much needed moisture, without leaving a sticky film on the surface. Yes, you’ll look younger and feel softer, without causing pesky breakouts.

How To Win: Just share this post on your social network of choice (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest… whatever floats your charitable boat), and comment quickly so I know you’ve done so. That’s it! A winner will be chosen at random in 7 days, and this fabulous serum will arrive on their doorstep swiftly. Plus, you’ll rest assured knowing you not only did something for yourself by entering… but did a lot of something for others by sharing these passion projects too. Win, win. Done, done.

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