Music, Movies and Art That Will Make You Feel Like Falling In Love (Possibly In A Psych Ward)


Songs Even A Deaf Girl Wants You To Download*:

* “Heartbeat” by JJAMZ= Because it makes me want to wear all varieties of torn denim, use hair chalk and revisit the power of soft, lilting “skanking” [‘how to video’ here].

* “Where Is My Mind” by Maxence Cyrin= Because it’s from the movie It’s Kind of a Funny Story, based on the equally thoughtful novel, which is all sorts of brooding, melancholic deliciousness, and surprisingly tolerable for classical. Listen to this when you’re making important decisions or staring longingly out of a car window at night. (For more on the flick, see below.)

* “Alone” by Trampled By Turtles= I admit this song holds some secret meaning for me (wouldn’t you like to know), and I adore how it builds in differing layers that I can feel riding around in my car. That being said, it’s worth it most of all for this alone [Get it? Alone?]…


Movie You Need To Redbox Tonight: It’s Kind of a Funny Story

It’s like Girl, Interrupted meets One Flew Over The Cukoo’s Nest… except not at all depressing and Zach Galifiankis has a sparkly beard in one scene (worth a view in of itself). My favorite moment is when the awkward, socially-pressured lead character tells Emma Robertson’s beautifully quirky, scarred counterpart: “I like how you don’t hide your problems like everyone else, and I don’t have to hide mine when I’m around you”. If you ever had to define love (albeit, that of clinically depressed teenagers in an adult psyche ward)… doesn’t that hit the nail on the metaphoric head? And aside from the fabulously random musical fantasy scene set to Queen’s “Under Pressure”, the idealized ending concludes with two simple words: “Breathe… Live.” Sometimes easier said than done.

Art Candy To Satiate Your Soul: This is a good feeling, no?


Where You Should Go In Your Head Right Now: Oh, to write a novel whilst staying here! (France.)


Do you have art, music, movies or anything to add to the list this week? Leave a suggestion or Pin me!

* I try my best to link all songs to videos featuring lyrics only for fellow deafies. It’s helpful and all kinds of awesome (you’re welcome!)

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