Mommy Multitasking Product — Diaper Ointment

One of the ultimate aesthetic helpers for mothers can be found in their closest diaper bags or changing table…diaper ointment. Believe it or not, your baby’s simple diaper ointment is the prime multitasking product around (and can do more than simply relieve diaper rash!) We prefer the cheap, affordable brands of diaper ointment (such Equate Vitamin A & D ointment, shown below) which can be purchased at any drugstore for mere dollars. If you’ve ever owned the coveted Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, we swear the right ointment can rival this cream in texture, smell and consistency.

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Try using this ointment whenever needed to smooth lips (combine with a packet of table-side sugar for a gentle exfoliant) or create a shiny, rich lip balm in place of your usual gloss. Better yet, try applying a small amount to your eyelashes when you’re in a rush (but still want darker, groomed looking eyelashes), or use it to hydrate lashes and eyes before bed. This cream can also be perfect for any dry spots (elbows or knees), used on fingertips for shiny cuticles and nails, or applied lightly across the cheekbones (atop makeup) for a soft glow. Finally, try coating feet after a shower, covering in thick socks, and enjoying a smoothing “pedicure” overnight.

*Have a multitasking product suggestion to share? Want to know how you can get more bang-for-your-buck out of your favorite product? Let us know!

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