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      If there is one product that almost every mother has lying around their house (or diaper bag or bathroom) at all times, it’s… baby oil. Although typically used to lather your baby’s bottom and soothe cracked skin, baby oil can do more for new (or seasoned) mommas aesthetically than simply make your baby slippery. In fact, baby oil is an ideal mommy multi-tasking product, because it can serve 4 mom beauty purposes.

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1.   Easy Manicure – Create an easy mommy manicure by using baby oil to hydrate hands and feet, preventing against rough paws and calloused heels. Create a “just had a mani” shine by using this multitasking product on nails and cuticles.

2.   Create Lean Legs — Use your baby oil beauty product to make legs look thinner, just like the shimmery and toned Victoria Secret models on the runway. Their shiny legs are not simply angel glow… so try spreading a little “glisten” on your own legs to highlight your assets.

3.   Pamper Your Lids— Baby oil can even remove eye make-up in a hurry, while hydrating the delicate skin around your eyelids. Simply wipe your mascara away with baby oil on a cotton swab, and enjoy the wrinkle-preventing hydration this beauty product provides.

4.   Enhance Strand Shine — Try smoothing the oil “residue” over the ends of your hair as a shine enhancing product to eliminate the appearance of split ends and flatten the cuticle of hair. Make sure to avoid roots when smoothing to avoid a flat or greasy ‘do.

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