Mix Up Your Holiday Gifts With Coldstone Hot Chocolate

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If you used to think you couldn’t possibly love Coldstone more than you already do… you’re wrong. I’ve personally always been a huge Coldstone fan (big surprise, right?) Aside from the fact that I can ingest more sugar in one sitting than an NFL football team, I’ve even gone so far in the past as to help train the staff of my local Coldstone so that they could fix my daughter and I gluten-free treats (avoiding cross contamination along the way). And if that’s not dedication enough, I continue to steal Coldstone from the rich to give to the poor (ok, that last part’s not true, but it sounded good, right?)

Regardless of my love for Coldstone the ice cream, I had never tried Coldstone the hot chocolate (and was a little bit nervous). Would the silky taste of the frozen offering escape it’s warmer counterpart? Would my hopes and dreams be crushed forever? Luckily, the Coldstone hot chocolate not only lived up it’s name (but made the perfect affordable holiday gift for my family). On top of that, it was super easy to find at my local Walmart (where I may or may not have taken up permanent residence). I just zipped over to the “coffee aisle” (a section I know well), and scooped up my Coldstone hot chocolate of choice. There were a variety of flavors (including Dark Chocolate and 70 Calorie cocoa), but I found a new way to spice up my classic Milk Chocolate. Don’t believe me? Why don’t you take the photos above for a Whrrl….

* Sound Off: How would you gift Coldstone this holiday season?

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One comment on “Mix Up Your Holiday Gifts With Coldstone Hot Chocolate
  1. Krystyn says:

    I would say make a basket and give it to my mother in law! She loves hot chocolate… Thanks for the very cute idea!!’n

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