Mini Makeovers Just May Save Your Life

Before and After: I finally have nails!

* BONUS POST Product Review:

Sometimes I wish I was a celebrity. This is not because I secretly want my relationship splattered all over the news (“Married Couple Watches Another Episode of White Collar“) or because I want Ryan Seacrest making puns about my diet habits with his inhumanly white martian teeth. Instead, I would love to be a celebrity because they have a small team of professionals constantly tweaking and maintaining their appearance throughout the week. In my world, things like airbrush tanning or eyebrow waxing are a luxury only Dancing With The Stars contestants can afford, and pedicures are reserved for when you get married or knocked up (or both!)

This is why I firmly believe in the art of the “mini makeover”: making teeny, tiny changes to your appearance, without overwhelming yourself or your pocketbook. If there are two things that I personally need made-over it’s my hair (picture the perpetual beach hair of Brooklyn Decker’s less-attractive cousin) and my nails. I’ve been biting my nails for so long in fact, that it’s been over a decade since I last succeeded at stopping.

Before and After: Like the beach waves?

Biting my nails is by far one of my biggest vices (aside from coffee, Diet Coke, cheese, chocolate and Paul Rudd). So how did I finally break the habit? Oddly enough, it was American Sign Language that did the trick. After realizing that many of my friends are forced to stare at my yucky, chewed up hands for communication, the concept of biting my nails seemed downright cruel.

Here is how I made-over my dry, messy hair and short, sparse nails one miniature step and well-chosen product at a time…

1. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it (unless it’s your nails). I stopped biting my nails out of “product guilt”. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, “product guilt” is when you finally spend your precious money on a product, which makes you feel guilty enough to use every last drop. I used Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Serum every time I had an urge to bite (which was nearly non-stop in the first few days), but it did the trick! Especially because I’d feel guilty if I fell off the cuticle serum band wagon…

2. Spray it, don’t say it. Products that spray on are the best thing ever for lazy, busy moms. I decided to start using the new Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray by TIGI immediately after a shower, and as needed once dry. Even though my hair always has that “beach texture”, it always looks more Katrina (the hurricane) than Kurkova (the supermodel). This salt spray helped my waves scrunch in a less wayward pattern, without drying them out like other products I’ve tried. I’m hooked!

* Speak Up: What sort of mini makeover do YOU need the most?

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