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Beautifully blushing celebrity mother, Jada Pinket Smith.

   Nothing make us happier at Makeover Momma than learning a quick simple way to multitask and save money with beauty products. Reader and fellow Makover Momma, Willow sent in a wonderful Beauty Momma Suggestion that accomplishes all that and more:

Willow Recommeds: “I’ve found that a mineral blush can not only be used as blush, shadow and lip tint, but can be used prettily on the nails in two different ways.”

1. “Add the mineral blush pigment to a bottle of clear nail polish (roll up a small piece of paper to funnel it into the bottle). Now you have a nail color to match your favorite mineral blush product!”

2. “Dip a Q-tip into the mineral product and rub into nails, then top with a clear nail polish (it only takes a minute). Now you have sheer, subtle nail glow, which is lightly pearlescent, looks natural and imparts a youthful glow!”

Make This Work:

   Willow makes a wonderful suggestion for creating your own soft, simple nail color when you’re short on time, cash and energy (as most of us Mommas are). Instead of going for an expensive manicure, try giving nails a soft glow by using Maybelline New York Mineral Power Naturally Luminous Blush or Revlon Color Stay Mineral Blush in a variety of shades. To make clear nail polish even simpler, try using a simple pen like the “Top It Off” top coat from OPI, which adds nail polish like a giant marker (fun and practical).

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2 comments on “Mineral Makeup Nail Polish — Beauty Momma Suggestion
  1. Great tip to use a neat product. My sister carries a line of VERY affordable minerals at her website http://www.overallbeauty.com. They don;t have any nasty stuff in them or fillers. Just pure, punchy color. She even has a bright lime green.

  2. Angela says:

    Great selection of mineral colors are available at http://www.1889minerals.com – try them all in nail polish – most fun you can have standing up !

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