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The Fit Momma: Michelle Obama

Her Routine:Whether or not you agree with the President politically, it goes without saying that the lovely first lady is a healthy portrait of a fit and normal mom. And let’s face it… if she can find time to workout, can’t we?

* Make It Happen: Michelle’s no excuse approach to exercise helps her “fit in fitness” no matter what…even if it means waking up at 5 in the morning. If you simply don’t have time to workout, try working it into your daily lifestyle by running the stairs in your house, doing step-ups on a chair while watching TV, or trying out this kitchen cook-time routine… (Also, try the simple and easy workout videos from Squeeze It In).

* Be Social: Michelle admits that exercising in the early mornings with her husband helps keep her motivated, so try recruiting a spouse, family member or friend to join you on a weekly basis. Simply setting a “date” with another person can help hold you responsible (or motivate your workouts more)…

* Add Weights: Michelle prefers cross-training workouts (mixing strength and cardio) for about 90 minutes, 3 times per week.If this is too hard for your schedule, try creating a fast, efficient circuit (for 20 minutes, 6 days per week). Alternate between your most challenging form of cardio (whatever makes you sweat) for 60 seconds, and strength training (using varying levels of weights), and you’ll feel lean in no time.

* Get Moving: Perhaps it goes without saying that ladies nationwide are coveting Michelle’s toned arms, but her fit biceps are merely the result of consistent, varied exercise.Keep challenging your muscles by changing the amount of weights you lift, the amount of repetitions performed, and the form of techniques used (for example, try using light weights and pulsing reps from this Makeover Momma video, for a truly arm-burning workout).

When do you sneak exercise into your daily schedule? Is there are a celebrity you love and want us to review? Let us know!

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