Meet Your Goals With A Healthy Lifestyle Gift Bag: Giveaway Thursday Roundup

Want to feel pampered (like celeb mommas Salma Hayek and Sarah Jessica Parker )? Just enter!

It’s our favorite time of the week again… Giveaway Thursdays! And after all of the amazing giveaways at our Makeover Madness Twitter Party last night (thank you Subway and Elise from Stella & Dot), we have a serious giveaway hangover. But no worries! There is still more to go around…

The Big Giveaway: American Cancer Society Healthy Lifestyle Gift Bag

What is more important than our health? Other than the health of our family and our friends…probably nothing! This is why the American Cancer Society is setting out to raise awareness about the importance of healthy living via the Choose You movement. This movement was created to inspire women to put their health first (which so few of us do), and make small, crucial changes for a healthy lifestyle. Did you know that (according to a study done by the American Cancer Society), 95% of women said they need to improve their healthy habits, but 58% admitted putting others needs before their own?

Here’s How To Enter

* Log onto the the Choose You website and make a pledge to yourself to reach your personal health goal.

* Let Us Know: Comment and tell us “what is your personal health goal this year?”

* Win This: A complete wellness gift bag, including a Walgreens gift card, eco-friendly water bottle, beautiful T-shirt, and more! (And trust us…you’re going to want this Walgreens gift card.)

So what are you waiting for? Comment, enter and you’re done!

The Big Winners: Is It You?

* $100 Target Gift Card: Let’s give a big “hurray” for Vanessa! Thanks for watching the Automatic Doors Peekaboo video, commenting and entering! Keep it coming!

* Avon Glazewear Set: Congrats to Janet! Thank you so much for entering, and please keep it coming…plenty of giveaways to go around!

Stay tuned for new giveaways, goodies and galore next Thursday…Thanks for entering everyone!

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5 comments on “Meet Your Goals With A Healthy Lifestyle Gift Bag: Giveaway Thursday Roundup
  1. Janet says:

    I went to the American Cancer Society’s “Choose You” site (I’d never heard of it before — thanks for the heads-up). I decided that I really need to begin exercising regularly, so my goal is to do so at least three times a week. With the warmer weather finally upon us, it will be nice to begin taking daily walks again.

  2. Bailey says:

    My goal is to get & stay fit and healthy before TTC. I plan to lose weight, take vitamins and eat lots of fresh veggies & fruits. We plan to start a family in 10-12 months & I want to be my healthiest before we do.

    @SBailey7 – Twitter

  3. Summer says:

    I went to the website too. I know there is a a few things I want/need to do. I want to eat more veggies and exercise more.

  4. Gayle says:

    I went to the “Choose You” site. My committement is to walk at least 180 minutes every week. There are several things I am working on, but that is the one thing I need to be accountable for.

  5. Karen R. says:

    I went to the Choose You site and my goal is to protect my skin more.

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