Makeover Yourself Over For Summer With High Drama Results

I love summer beauty. You know the lightly bronzed, natural, radiant makeup and skin that is synonymous with surfers, sand and sun? I wish I could look like that year-round (but the cellulite sporting, clumpy makeup, translucent skin side of me tells another story). Even though I try my best to stay golden when I can (avoiding the sun of course) and laying off the heavy handed winter makeup, I still can’t seem to shake the unglamorous, frosty Spring version of myself as we move forward into summer.

So in search of the perfect glowing, beach look, I agreed to try Smashbox Full Exposure mascara and the Luminess Tan airbrush system for your viewing pleasure. As you can in the video above, the first step in my summer-ready makeover was improving my faux tan (with zero risk of skin cancer, age spots or other yucky results of UV rays of course). Even though I’m loving my Bare Escentuals Faux Tan which buffs on with a brush, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try an application that lets me coat my entire body with ease (including that weird middle spot on my back). But since I’ve seen enough faux-tan faux-pas’ via the likes of Ross on Friends, Ann Hathaway movies and Jessica Simpson circa 2005, I’m terrified of anything shooting self tanner at my skin with rapid speed. Luckily, Luminess Tan gave dramatic, golden results without a streak in sight, and even though it takes awhile to apply (about 30 minutes), it lasts for up to 14 days.

And while I try to lay off thick makeup during the hot weather months, I’m always looking for a dramatic, lengthening mascara that makes me appear to be naturally gorgeous (my short, spare lashes beg to differ). Smashbox’s Full Exposure Mascara was designed to elongate lashes with teeny tiny fibers and a super large brush, in addition to a special thickening formula. As long as you clean off the brush thoroughly (making sure to avoid any clumps), the enormous brush is delightfully efficient in giving baby-doll-style eyelashes so you can leave the rest of your face maintenance free.

So would the Smashbox mascara and Luminess Tan work for YOUR summer makeover? Here’s the scoop…

1. You’ll love them if you hate reapplying. If you despise reapplying mascara every time you sweat, or touching up your tanner when it’s starting to fade… you’ll dig these high end, high impact products. Both are created to go on strong, get the job done and last.

2. You’ll want them if you like high drama. If you want to feel as primped and pretty as celebrity moms (think Christina Applegate not Christina Aguilera), you’ll love the results these deliver. Whether the dark, golden tan or the false-eyelash effect of the mascara, both give professional level impact so you’re ready for the camera.

3. You’ll use them if you’re a beauty master. Let’s be honest: some of us can’t tell a compact from a concealer, or a straightener from a serum. If the thought of wielding airbrush machines and oversized mascara brushes makes you see streaks and smears in your future, save these products for someone who loves a makeup challenge.

* Speak Up: Which product would YOU want to try in a summer-ready makeover? Do you love or hate my results?

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One comment on “Makeover Yourself Over For Summer With High Drama Results
  1. Teresa says:

    You are just so freakin’ cute it does not matter if you are tan or not or have on mascara or not! I suppose “cute” is the last word you really want to hear, so we will go with very pretty. I have to say I did not really see a difference with the tan on or off and the mascara gave you a nice natural look although I know that is not what it was aiming for.
    Now, as for the bikini comments…I have a feeling your husband is going to be begging you to wear on a lot more this summer!
    Keep up the good work with your testing…and remember, you are who you are and if it makes YOU feel beautiful, then go with it!

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