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Perfecting your image (like glowing momma Jada Pinkett Smith) is harder than you think…

Congratulations to the top three winners for our Exclusive Fashion Momma Contest, who answered the question, “What has changed the most about your personal style this year?”:

1. Barbara from Mom TV said, “”My hair has changed the most.  I cut my hair and colored it for the first time.  I really like it and will keep it for a  while.  Many times I have cut my hair then automatically grow it back out.  This style seems to have stuck for now!”

2. Lori Bachand shared on our Facebook page– “I’ve added more accessories to my wardrobe to give me that added boost. I’m still working through “baby fat,” but jewelry always fits!”

3. Lisa McNeil explained, “I’ve learned to buy staples as I need them, without getting hung up on the best deals. I don’t feel guilty for buying what I know I will use daily.”

 We recieved many other great submissions…Thank you to everyone who participated! Each winner will recieve a fashion gift card for their families, curtousy of The Children’s Place!

* Check out our NEW Beauty Momma contest this week for a chance to win, or submit your own giveaway ideas!

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