Makeover Your Skin In Just 4 Weeks Like Debra Messing and Kelly Ripa: Real Momma Product Review

Busy moms Kelly Ripa and Debra Messing find fast, easy ways to look younger (like anti-aging creams)…try this one!

Last week we documented our Real Momma Lisa’s first encounter with the anti-aging cream Filextra (“Reverse The Signs of Aging Like Isla Fisher and Rachel Weisz“), and now it’s Week 2! How is Lisa liking Filextra so far? Find out for yourself…

Week 2: “Although I had some skin cancer removed this past week from years living in the hot, Florida sun (making me not exactly feel at my prettiest), I am still really enjoying the smoothing, hydrating effects of this product. Even though I hope that in the future they could make an additional product with sunscreen, it has been super easy to apply each day…and it never makes my skin feel sticky or heavy. All in all, I already feel like I look more refreshed in the morning (and that’s hard to do with three kids)….so far, so good!”

What else could Lisa be doing to achieve smooth, lifted skin? We love the Wrinkle Injection makeup primer from this Too Faced Fantastic Plastic Kit. It makes your skin feel like silk, fills any lines or wrinkles, instantly plumps the face (and can be worn with or without makeup). What could be better?

Check out Filextra at your local Kohl’s, or leave your own comments, questions and reviews on the Filextra Facebook page!

* Have any words of encouragement for Lisa? Let her know (and stay tuned…you could win the entire Good Skin Labs line by Week 4!)

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2 comments on “Makeover Your Skin In Just 4 Weeks Like Debra Messing and Kelly Ripa: Real Momma Product Review
  1. kel says:

    I have been thinking of dermal injections for just this type of thing – I am a bit scared by it but I just don’t feel good about myself right now. Something like this would be awesome. I look forward to Lisa’s final thoughts! Also, how do I enter the contest to win teh Good Skin labs line?

  2. Bailey says:

    The contest goes up THIS week (on Thursday)- so all you’ll have to do is comment, and you could win! : )

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