Makeover Your Makeup…And Your Budget: Makeover Madness Sponsor Spotlight

Getting flawless makeup (like Cindy Crawford and Angelina Jolie) doesn’t have to be expensive…

Makeover Madness Sponsor Spotlight: E.L.F Cosmetics

Do you admire the allure and poise of many celebrity moms, but feel that you don’t have the budget or time to achieve their captivating looks? (Um…who doesn’t?) Think again- E.L.F. Cosmetics strives to create luxurious makeup at affordable prices. (And when we say affordable prices, we mean an average $1 per item!) Their philosophy is that “beauty comes from feeling and being your best, an inner confidence that translates to the outer-world as attractiveness.”  E.L.F provides women with makeup and tools to enhance (and not conceal), their natural beauty. Although E.L.F. itself stands for “eyes, lips, face”, the brand also features bath products, kits, nail polish and makeup tools.

Sound too good to be true? Well, E.L.F believes that great makeup does not have to be to expensive to be good! Here are some of our favorite products:

* E.L.F Nail Polish

This nail polish comes in 40 different vibrant colors, ranging from Rosy Raisin to Mango Madness, for just $1. It’s a quick dry formula that enhances shine…can we ask for anything more?

*E.L.F Liquid Eyeshadow

Forget about smearing, creasing, or fading: this liquid eyeshadow can transition from day to night without losing any of its dazzle. It comes in eight brilliant colors (and will only set you back a whopping $1).

*E.L.F Hand Sanitizer

E.L.F’s Hand Sanitizer comes in pocket or full size, so you can kill 99.9% of most common germs wherever life takes you. This powerful liquid gel leaves you feeling refreshed, without any sticky residue. The pocket sized costs only $1… has shopping for your family and yourself ever been so cheap?

Here at Makeover Momma we love E.L.F. for its commitment to real women (who are often stressed, busy, and on a budget).

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What Could You Get For Your Makeover Madness Party?: Chef Stella Peanut Butter “Sweet Tooth”

If you want a snack that’s high in protein, all natural, hand ground, safe for kids and satisfies your sweet tooth…this is it. I have become so rapidly obsessed with this peanut butter, I’m considering starting a fan club. Chef Stella peanut butter is hand ground, all natural, gluten-free and much lower in calories than your normal serving size of peanut butter (only 160 calories for 2 tablespoons, compared to the usual 190 to 220). Plus, it tastes like an explosion of happiness in your mouth (can you tell I’m in love?) The flavor is pure (because it’s natural), and you stir it up upon arrival to really distribute the tasty ingredients. This Sweet Tooth collection is my personal favorite, because it really satisfies your dessert cravings (without being grossly sweet), and is perfect by the spoonful, on a rice cake, or any other way you choose to eat it!

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